Students will be called upon to demonstrate clear, concise, and coherent writing competency for a wide variety of purposes throughout their academic and professional careers.

Academic research papers for coursework represent a significant challenge for students, yet their skills will also prove crucial for presentations, reports, as well as daily email correspondence in the workplace.

Students will be evaluated for their technical abilities as well as their ability to explain complex concepts clearly and summarize large bodies of detailed data accurately.

We support and guide students in mastering all aspects of this process.


  • Sentence structure, grammar, syntax, punctuation, paragraphing, and developmental/foundational skills.
  • Writing style, voice, tone, diction, and cadence.
  • Organization: thesis statement, argumentation, supporting paragraphs, conclusion.
  • Writing for different purposes (response/reflection essays, journal writing, formal compositions, including narrative, descriptive, compare/contrast, cause/effect, argumentative/persuasive, etc.).
  • College application essays.
  • Academic Research Papers: MLA & APA.

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