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Vincent and Roxanne tutoring

Mission Statement

Innovators4education provides personalized tutoring and learning support for all aspects of reading, writing, Language Arts, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), literature, history, social studies, and the Humanities, along with preparing students for taking standardized tests. We address the educational goals of a broad student population, ranging from Elementary and Secondary grades, all the way through college, graduate school, and Adult Education. We carefully evaluate the learning status and learning style of each of our students in order to develop a personalized instructional approach that guarantees significant progress and assures long-term academic and career success.

Professors Roxanne J. Leach and Vincent Walsh together bring more than four decades of teaching experience to their work as educators, tutors, and learning support specialists. Rather than offering a standardized package in the form of a one-size-fits-all instructional program, we rely on a wealth of teaching strategies that have proven highly effective in working with students from a wide variety of educational and socio-economic backgrounds. Our work has ranged from imparting literacy and life skills in impoverished communities to guiding and supporting Ivy League students through the research paper process.

We remain fully aware of and sensitive to the anxiety and stress that students often experience in school, so we make every effort to provide constant reassurance and steady encouragement, grounded in empathy and compassion. In addition to demonstrating obvious expertise, an effective teacher must also show genuine kindness and thoughtful concern in order to ensure a student’s progress.

We understand that effective learning begins with building a comfortable working rapport between student and tutor, establishing a bond based on mutual confidence and trust. The student perceives the tutor as an ally who can be counted on to support his steadily increasing competence. The teacher supplies positive reinforcement and constructive feedback; the teacher points out what the student is already doing well, and then explains how incorporating simple strategies for improving skills and enhancing comprehension can lift the work to the next level.

All human beings are born innately curious about life and the world we live in, and each individual possesses a variety of aptitudes as well as types of intelligence. Our task as teachers requires that we adapt our instructional approach to each student’s interests and strengths in order to stimulate this inborn impulse for investigation and inquiry. Our job as educators requires awakening the student’s natural inclination to explore and investigate, serving as a catalyst, prompting and guiding the learning process as it unfolds spontaneously from within. We arouse the student’s desire to achieve, while simultaneously enhancing his competence and self-confidence. Once students experience the joy and satisfaction of achievement, they pursue further academic success with ever increasing enthusiasm.

Learning occurs optimally when the student feels genuine interest in the subject. An effective teacher inspires such interest by engaging in lively conversation and reciprocal exchange with the student. Students thrive academically when they feel fully involved in their own learning process, and when they perceive the teacher’s sincere commitment to fostering their success. In a sense, teaching closely resembles coaching a sport, for an effective teacher’s primary goal is ensuring that students become winners in the game of life.

At Innovators4education, we offer one-on-one as well as small group tutoring in the student’s home, or in another convenient public location. We are also available for teaching homeschool classes. We are happy to provide online tutoring and/or online classes whenever distance instruction seems more convenient. In addition, we conduct workshops on a variety of academic subjects.

We offer our services at competitive rates on a sliding scale, based on the type of learning support provided, distance traveled, frequency of sessions, and financial need. Please feel free to contact us at 888-508-7091, or at info@innovators4education.com, or simply fill out the form on the “Contact Us” tab and we will get back to you promptly. We look forward to working with you.

Roxanne J. Leach
Vincent Walsh