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Vincent Walsh has a unique style of teaching, encouraging students to express their individuality, while emphasizing collaboration to improve reading, writing, and analytic skills. Since taking his course, my knowledge and understanding of literature is broader and deeper than ever before. I’m now confident in my ability to interpret literature through my writing. The class time was enjoyable as well as informative; I was absolutely thrilled to attend every class.

Author Chris Bouchard

I’m Ozzie Alam and I am 11 years-old. I have been studying with Vincent for almost a year now. Already Vincent has made a significant change in my writing and reading skills. Like most children, I was reading books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and now almost a year later I am reading books from A Farewell to Arms to The Great Deluge.

Author Ozzie Alam

Vincent Walsh offers encouragement that is directive, yet gentle, and that gradually builds a young writer’s confidence; his dialogue with students is always reassuring and never critical. I cannot say enough about how positive Vincent’s approach to writing has been for our son. Just knowing that he can, in fact, write successfully when he is assigned a topic has helped my boy overcome an obstacle that he once thought insurmountable. What more could a mom wish for than teaching that builds confidence and pride.

Author Debra Adamson

I started Dr. Walsh’s class with a love for a subject and ended it with a passion for learning. He challenged every student’s zone of proximal development, encouraged us, and praised our progress. Dr. Walsh regards his students as people, as significant human beings. He sees us through our pain and applauds our triumphs. He does not dictate; he allows us to achieve to the best of our ability without feeling held back by petty standardized formats. His class was truly the best course I have ever taken.

Author Tara Allen

Vincent Walsh has employed unusually effective teaching methods with great success in a wide range of different, and often difficult, educational environments. Impressed with what I had heard from his students, I visited Lehigh University to observe his “Fam Jam” approach firsthand, and found very quickly that the reality was even more impressive than what I had gathered at a distance. Students were engaged, enthusiastic, and doing really fine and original work. It works.

Author Noam Chomsky